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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Enterprise Email Paradigm

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will drive innovation across all enterprise information technology applications and email is ripe for disruption.

Human trajectory specific to innovation is moving at a pace never before seen in history. Whether it’s the push for autonomous vehicles, increases in renewable technologies for space exploration, non-fossil fuel-based energy sources or emerging solutions around artificial intelligence and machine learning, the pace of innovation now underway on a global scale is nothing short of profound. As enterprises embark on this Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s helpful to gain a perspective on how these changes will impact human interactions and the selection of systems and platforms that will drive these changes in the market.

The First Industrial Revolution used new solutions to create a means for machines to improve the human capabilities for production. Leveraging water and steam power, the mechanization of production allowed innovation to proceed on a global scale. The Second Industrial Revolution pushed electrical and low-cost energy solutions to the market. Enterprises gained significant ability to drive new products to market and at a consumer level, the extension of the electrical power grid, even to rural areas, powered innovation and improved the human condition like the world had never experienced. The Third Industrial Revolution launched in the middle of the last century has been nothing short of profound. As digital solutions emerged we saw global connectivity emerge leveraging new communication technologies, a shift from analog to digital communications, fiber optics and cell network backbones that have become the mainstay of today’s digital world. As we now launch on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we’re seeing tectonic shifts in the way human beings interact on a global scale and drive new technologies around artificial intelligence, machine learning and powerful application-based solutions that further connect us on our continuous drive towards sustainable technology-driven innovation. Industries across all verticals will be disrupted by this new paradigm, data and information capabilities will explode to levels never before seen and there is a great opportunity for today’s technology leaders to drive innovation across a variety of enterprise solutions to take advantage of these emerging trends.

One of the technologies we rely on the most across the globe is email. Given the world’s interconnectivity, email has become a ubiquitous tool used by billions of users across the globe in all socio-economic tiers and across all industries. Today by some research estimates, some 40% of enterprise content resides within email. However, email itself has not benefited from the Third and emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the same pace as other innovations. For enterprise executives, a strategy to seize today’s momentum around technology simply cannot exclude the go-forward consideration around email’s role with collaboration, security, and content/information sharing. If organizations are to harvest the collective 360-degree view of their content including unstructured data in order to drive new innovation, email is ripe for disruption.

The challenge for CIO’s and business leaders is to deploy new innovations that will allow email to undergo its largest shift in innovation since its debut in the later half of the last century. If the disruption occurs rapidly and fully addresses critical concerns specific to driving improvements in human collaboration, improvements with content security, and changes to the email paradigm and content components of email in a manner that is least disruptive to the way users employ email today, this would be a major win for the enterprises of tomorrow. At mxHero, we’ve launched a number of cloud-based solutions that will fuel this change. We’re able to automatically capture both inbound and outbound email body and attachments and intelligently and automatically route them to targeted enterprise Cloud Content Management (CCM) platforms such as Box ( Users of mxHero do not have to change their behavior, the server-side software handles it for them. By removing attachments from email in favor of intelligent and secure links, enterprises can drive collaboration, improved security and enhanced access to the vital content within the email paradigm. This harvesting of email-based content will have immediate and powerful ramifications for tomorrow’s business leaders. By moving email content out of opaque email server storage to empowered cloud storage systems, we enable the convergence of technologies that defines the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Email content, long vital and at the center of the organization’s workflow and repository of institutional knowledge, can now leverage emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning. If we can extend email-based content into the same technological frameworks being exploited today, we will reap even greater rewards from emerging solutions and drive an even brighter trajectory for the enterprises of tomorrow.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will change the course of human trajectory through a more connected and insightful world, we believe email is also ripe for this disruption!

About mxHERO

MxHero’s products and services gives companies, service providers and end users powerful new ways to control, use and analyze email-based content. Apps developed for MxHero’s platform work with any email management program, including Gmail, O365 and Microsoft Exchange. MxHero is the 2016 Box Elite Partner of the Year and provides solutions mapped to the world’s foremost cloud and hybrid content management platforms including Box. More than 3,500 companies with over 1 million users have added MxHero to their email. To learn more about MxHero visit Find MxHero on Twitter: @mxHeronet and Facebook:


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